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I am the epitome of yin and yang.  I seem to like and do most everything in extremes.  I love eating cold ice-cream while wrapped up in a blanket by the fire.  I love laughing so hard that I cry.  I love staying up way late, and then getting up bright and early for a morning run.  My IPOD has Ozzy Osborne on the playlist as well as James Taylor.  I enjoy huge parties with lots of friends on a Friday evening and then going out with my husband by ourselves on Saturday night. I love watching animal planet, but am scared to death of dogs.  I LOVE to eat  ( I noticed a talent for this at quite a young age), but I also LOVE to exercise (This didn't come so naturally).  Right now my exercise of choice is running.  Everything has a balance to it. For me, the balance of eating is running. 

I started running about 2 years ago just on a whim.  I wanted to see why this ability had seemed to elude me my whole life.  I played and did all kinds of sports, but couldn't seem to run more than a quick sprint to catch the ice-cream truck.  After many months of just plugging away at it, I all of the sudden realized I was not only enjoying it, but I was doing well with it.  So I continue to run daily.

I have a hugely supportive husband and 4 understanding children that put up with me and my ways.  I am so blessed to have them.

I don’t' see me changing my yin and yang ways in the near future.  That makes me who I am.  I will continue to do things like laugh and cry, and  eat and run.  Maybe I'll try a new extreme like.....  skinny dipping in a fat suit. 

I have been eating all my life, and loving every bite of it!  I really enjoy going out to eat with my friends, which is where the idea for this blog was born.  I have only been a "runner" for about a year and I'm still getting used to the idea, it's not something I would have ever thought I would be doing...  but I am!  I have a wonderful husband who takes good care of our family, and four great kids ages 14, 12, 9, and 6.  I run in the mornings or evenings, so I have the rest of the day to run the kids to school, piano, football, scouts, and dance.  It's a lot of running, so I'll just have to keep eating to keep up with it all, right?  When I'm not running, I love to read and work on my amateur photography skills!
I have been running for fifteen years and eating for 31, so I'm pretty accustomed to doing both, and doing them often.  I love trying new food, particularly ethnic food.  At the moment I am especially fond of Thai, Indian, and Mexican, but I'm on a quest to find the best burger around.  I hope my reviews help you choose a yummy place to eat (but don't forget to run it off)!

I am a stay at home mom of six, ranging in ages 21 to 4.  I began running the summer of 2009.  It began as a grueling task and has turned into a mostly enjoyable form of exercise.  I really enjoy yummy food, especially if I don't have to fix it.  

I am a Wife, a Mom to three beautiful daughters, 21 to 16 and I am an eater.  I love photography, love a good book, A soft blanket, A clean home, A good movie, popcorn and a phone call with a friend. 

I love to eat out!  I am more on the fancy side of things.  I like a slower paced atmosphere, with a cloth napkin and would rather sit outside than inside (weather permitting of course).  I was spoiled living in New York City.  I have come to really appreciate nicer things and I would rather save to get something of quality.  There are some amazing places to eat in the Valley that offer such dining with reasonable pricing.  I would never turn down a lunch with friends and could eat anywhere just to be with a friend and good conversation. 

I am the vegan of the group, or what I would prefer to call “CLEAN EATING”!  You see this whole thing is new to me, but something I am doing for myself.    The challenge is, to see what is available for vegan’s or Clean Eaters on the menu’s of restaurants that dot the Treasure Valley.  This is a challenge I have gladly accepted and am excited to report on my findings.  It’s going to be a great journey! 

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