Friday, September 16, 2011

Boise Fry Company

At Boise Fry Company Burgers are on the side… Literally!  Uniquely Idaho French Fries.  with their green, all natural, local, and whenever feasible, organic products.  They produce little to no waste.  Owner, Blake states  “We’re just trying our best to make as little impact on your cholesterol and our planet as possible.” 

This was my first time visiting “Boise Fry Company”, I had no idea what to expect.  The word was that you could pick from an array of potatoes, with numerous fry sauces, such as,  

“What are they thinking”, was the question I asked, but even on a more curious note, “Who would eat that”?  Who isn’t up for an adventure?  You guessed it, WE ARE!  While many of the gals in the lunch group have been here before, I could see it is a REAL SPORT dunking and tasting as many variations as possible, hoping to not have French Fry overload before getting to that yummy burger on your plate.  Us gals are serious!  You can count on every bite being consumed in record time.   While they are known for their fries, let it not be mistaken that they can make an amazing burger, even catering to the vegan who demands a healthy choice in foods. 

Their Fries:  They pick the Finest and freshest potatoes with a 5 step process, frying them in all natural peanut oil.  Finally, you choose from their homemade seasonings, spritzers, and dipping sauces to coat your fries. So, for example, you could dip your curly Yukon gold fry, spritzered with malt vinegar and sprinkled with smoked sea salt, in blueberry ketchup. Or dip an unsalted, un-spritzered home-style sweet potato fry in chipotle aioli. Really, the variations as you have personalities are many.

Their Burgers:  They use fresh, local beef and free-range, natural bison, seasoned with their own secret recipes. Their vegan burgers are made with natural, high protein quinoa and black beans. Their potato wheat buns are baked fresh every day and are as unique as their fries. Their burger toppings are grown just 3 miles from their location.
Their Location:  Located in downtown Boise… they have a cute little tucked away location that has plenty of indoor and outdoor dining.  You will experience the BUZZ of this unique experience, and unique it is!  It was buzzing with a steady flow of hungry, fry dipping patrons.  What a great experience and awesome food! 

111 Broadway, Suite 111
Boise, ID 83702

What could be more refreshing than supporting a locally owned, locally supported business, using all natural ingredients?   GO TRY IT, You will love it!

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